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We can salvage it!

We’ll gladly do a walk-through and coordinate with you to remove usable items from your unoccupied property. Our experienced, fully-insured Decon staff will come out to remove salvageable materials such as lumber, trim, fixtures, doors, windows, cabinets – anything that can be reused instead of going to landfill. You’ll save on disposal costs, and it’s better for our environment. Your donation is fully tax deductible, and we’ll give you a receipt for the items you donate.

The CJ Decon Crew

We make it easy for you from planning to completion! Sorry, we can’t work in a home while you’re living in it!

I have a donation, what’s next?

  • Call (412) 243-5025 ext. 11 to speak with our donations department. Regular office hours are M-F, 7a-3:30p
  • As a result of your request, we will determine if you have enough material to provide a free pick up or we may request you bring your item to us.
  • We usually schedule one to two weeks out, however we will make every effort to pick up your item within the week that you call. Large amounts of material and full kitchen sets receive scheduling priority.
  • Remember we reserve the right to refuse any material that does not meet our quality standards –please look at our acceptance policies.

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Removal of framing lumber, rafters, and floor joists may be possible if your project timeline permits. Although most deconstruction projects are free of charge, those that carry higher operational costs may require a fee for service agreement.