Reuse is the best option!

Deconstruction and material salvage diverts still usable material from the waste stream, helps to lower air particulate pollution from building demolition, and it creates jobs.

Deconstruction Service helps salvage usable materials from a demo or renovation project to help reduce waste and offset disposal costs. Contact us for a free consultation. Click image for more info.

Contact us early in your planning

Before you hire a demo contractor, schedule a walk-through with a CJ reuse expert to determine the appropriate role we can provide for you, including:

Responsible green salvage and deconstruction

Possible full structure deconstruction

Assistance with appraisals and tax valuation

Referrals to partner programs to take care of the rest!

Deconstruction Manager Brian Swearingen standing at a deconstruction job site.
Construction Junction is a 501(c)3 non-profit, a licensed City of Pittsburgh contractor, and is fully insured. Our mission is to always provide you with the best and most comprehensive options available that will generate responsible, sustainable building material reuse. We make it easy for you from planning to completion!

We can salvage it!

Commercial, residential, institutional, industrial, barns…

We’ll gladly do a walk-through and coordinate with you to remove usable items from your unoccupied property. Our experienced, fully-insured deconstruction staff will come out to remove salvageable materials such as lumber, trim, fixtures, doors, windows, cabinets – anything that can be reused instead of going to landfill. You’ll save on disposal costs, and it’s better for our environment. Your donation is fully tax deductible, and we’ll give you a receipt for the items you donate. (Sorry, we can’t work in a home while you’re living in it!)

Deconstruction crew member removing door casing trim from a residential property.
Scaffolding set up for deconstruction of the room partition.
Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens barn deconstruction project in progress, with only framing still standing.

Removal of framing lumber, rafters, and floor joists may be possible if your project timeline permits. Although most deconstruction projects are free of charge, those that carry higher operational costs may require a fee for service agreement.

Deconstruction office hours are M-F, 8a – 4:30p

If your material donation does not involve the need for hands-on salvage or deconstruction work, you can request a free scheduled pickup of your items.

Construction Junction box truck parked in front of the loading dock.

Please view our What We Accept page for donations guidelines.

We reserve the right refuse any material that does not meet our acceptance policies.