Acceptable Material Guidelines

Items have to be in a suitable condition for donation so that another customer can buy them to use in their home, yard or construction project. We reserve the right to decline items. Criteria for declining materials include but are not limited to: excessively dirty, water damaged, in otherwise poor condition, incomplete, unsafe, cannot be easily resold or that are currently overstocked, etc.)

This page details basic guidelines for the acceptability of various materials organized by category. It is not a fully comprehensive guide for what all materials that can donated to Construction Junction. If you have further questions regarding whether a specific item(s) could be considered for donation, please contact our donations department:

For information regarding recycling or processing services that are offered for drop off here on site by Construction Junction and other vendors, please visit our Recycling Services page.

Currently not accepting because of overstock:

These current limitations apply to dropping off donations only. If you have a larger amount of materials and would like to see if your donation qualifies for our pickup service, our donation manager will discuss acceptable items on an individual basis.

Less than 100sq. ft. of matching tile or flooring

Flush hollow core interior doors or bi-fold doors

Stone (granite, quartz, marble, etc.) slabs, countertops or windowsills

CRT/Tube TV cabinets or entertainment (that not suitable for most flat screen TVs)

No Paint Accepted Image - Red circle with line crossing out PAINT text.
No Soiled Items Accepted Image - Red circle with line crossing out POOP text.
No Mold Infested Materials Accepted Image - Red circle with line crossing out MOLD text.

We DO NOT accept:

Paint, primer, stain, polyurethane, etc.

Household chemicals, liquids, or powder products

Unframed glass

Most textiles or fabric upholstered items (drapery, linens, sofas, easy chairs, mattresses, box springs, used carpet or area rugs, etc.)


Materials exhibiting the presence of mold, rot or unsanitary conditions

If you don’t see your item on the list please contact us before you bring it in or request a pick up. Construction Junction is not a recycling processor or waste transfer station.

All items for a pickup-eligible donation must be properly staged and accessible for our crew prior to arrival. The donations manager will discuss acceptable locations for your materials upon scheduling your pickup.

Why don’t we accept certain things?

Some of the main reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • We can’t handle them safely
  • There is not enough demand for them
  • Some kind of regulation or certification exists for the type of product
  • There are end user safety issues for items that we can’t be sure are safe to use (gas heaters, toys, ladders, etc.)

Condition requirements: Must be in good working condition.  Some antique appliances are accepted – please contact us here.  All Freon appliances must pay $10 recycling fee regardless of working condition. If appliances (non-Freon) are not working but primarily composed of metal, they can be donated for scrap metal.
What we DO NOT take: Sub-zero refrigerators, appliances with damaged cords, vented gas appliances (furnaces, central air units, hot water tanks, etc.), electric heaters, old push-button dishwashers and dishwashers with plastic interiors, any appliances that are damaged or missing parts.
Building Materials (Lumber, Trim, Sheet goods, Roofing, Pipe, etc.)
BuildingMaterials_@2xCondition requirements: Linear materials must be at least 4′ long. Sheet goods must be half a sheet or larger. Must be free of nails, rot, twisting, bowing and cracking. Rolls of insulation must be new. Shingles and siding must be in complete new/unused packages. Marginal styles (accepted as needed, please contact us here) – large beams, engineered wood products (finger-jointed, TGIs, etc.).
TEMPORARILY NOT ACCEPTING BECAUSE OF OVERSTOCK stone/granite/quartz/marble slabs, countertops, or windowsills.
What we DO NOT take: Wood with creosote, items with water damage, rot, bugs, slime or mold; insulation that is not completely wrapped; pieces that are shorter than 4′ long or smaller than half a sheet.
Cabinetry (Built-Ins, Kitchen, Vanity, etc.)
Cabinet_@2xCondition requirements: Must be structurally sound with no significant water damage or splitting at the joints. Must have all drawers and cabinet doors ATTACHED and INTACT. Laminate/particle board must be intact. Metal cabinets must be free of rust.  Wall oven cabinets only accepted as part of a complete kitchen set.
What we DO NOT take: Low quality particle board cabinets over 5 years old, incomplete cabinets missing doors or drawers, damaged sink base cabinets, items with water damage, rot or mold.
CounterTops_@2xCondition requirements: Must be 4′ or longer. No cutouts without the sink. Used countertops must be in excellent condition with no burn marks, peeling laminate, significant worn areas or cracks.
TEMPORARILY NOT ACCEPTING BECAUSE OF OVERSTOCK stone/granite/quartz/marble slabs, countertops, or windowsills.
Marginal styles (accepted as needed, call in advance) – Computer table tops, tiled counters, laminate tops over 10′.
What we DO NOT take: Worn, stained, burnt, peeling, cracked countertops, countertops with cutouts, items with mold on them.
Doors (Interior, exterior, storm, patio)
Doors_@2xCondition requirements: No major splits/cracks, deep gouges, rot, bowing, twisting or excessive alterations.  No fogged or broken window glass in doors.  Patio doors must be complete and in the frame.
Marginal styles (accepted as needed, call in advance) – Commercial solid core door slabs.
What we DO NOT take: Any cut or damaged doors with stickers, hooks, thumbtacks, nails, pet doors or holes; items with water damage or mold. Garage doors. Bi-fold doors. Accordion doors.
Flooring (Carpet, Wood, Vinyl, Laminate, etc.)
Flooring_@2xCondition requirements: Wood flooring must be free of nails, rot, twisting, cracking, bowing, etc.  Tongues and grooves must be intact and must be within 1/16″ of full original thickness.
TEMPORARILY NOT ACCEPTING less than 100 square feet of matching tile or flooring for drop off donations. 
Carpet, carpet tile, vinyl, vinyl tile and area rugs must be NEW AND UNUSED and free of holes or stains.  Rolls must be of usable size.
id=”tile”>Tile must be new, unused and unbroken. Some antique tile can be accepted, like fireplace tiles, but they must be clean and undamaged. Any used tile with grout, mortar, mastic, or other adhesives attached will not be accepted.
What we DO NOT take: Used or damaged tile, bags of adhesive, filler, grout or mortar, used carpet, used vinyl flooring or area rugs, asbestos tile, items with splits, cracks, chips, water damage or mold. 9×9″ vintage tile.
Mirrors and Glass
GlassMirrors_@2xCondition requirements: Must be framed, no pre-drilled holes, cracks, chips, breaks or broken corners.
What we DO NOT take: Unframed glass or mirrors of any kind, storm window panes from windows or doors, items with mold on them.
Hardware and Tools (hand tools, electrical, nails, screws, knobs, pulls, lock sets, etc.)
Hardware_@2xCondition requirements: Minimal rust.  Tools must be in working/usable condition. Gasoline powered tools (lawnmowers, trimmers, etc.) must be empty of all fuel.
What we DO NOT take: Out of code electrical hardware, battery powered tools, items with mold on them.
Interior Furnishings
InteriorItems_@2xCondition requirements: Furniture must be assembled, complete, and with no major damage.  No significant water damage or peeling laminate.  Antique furniture is accepted.
Marginal styles (accepted as needed, please contact us here) – Particle board items. Horizontal blinds can only accepted if brand new in unopened box, with all hardware.
What we DO NOT take: Vertical blinds, horizontal blinds that are not brand new in an unopened box with all hardware, drapes, curtains, window treatments, upholstered furniture of any kind, mattresses, foam, bed frames, items missing pieces or without drawers/doors, luggage, sporting goods, particleboard desks/tables/furniture, organs, pianos (try Piano Adoption PA), items with water damage or mold. 


Construction Junction accepts 110V residential or commercial lighting fixtures or ceiling fans suitable for CFL, incandescent or LED only, must be complete with no damage, pitting, broken or missing parts. All bulbs must be removed prior to donating.
– Only globes/shades can be accepted separately, no other incomplete lighting fixture parts.
– No fluorescent, metal halide, halogen, sodium or mercury vapor fixtures, bulbs or ballasts.
Please see our recycling services page for bulb and ballast recycling offered here.
Masonry_@2xCondition Requirements: ALL DONATIONS MUST BE PRE-SCREENED BY CJ STAFF – please reverse to the Donate Here doors and we will promptly take a look at your donation. Clean, whole bricks, blocks, landscaping stones, slabs, pavers, landscape edging.
TEMPORARILY NOT ACCEPTING BECAUSE OF OVERSTOCK stone/granite/quartz/marble slabs, countertops, or windowsills.
What we DO NOT take: Any bags of concrete or cement mix, grout, or any other powdered products; anything with mortar attached; anything with excessive dirt attached; anything that is broken into pieces; clean fill; ‘real’ railroad ties treated with creosote; items with mold on them.
Masonry bricks and blocks must be new, unused and unbroken.  Any used bricks and blocks with grout, mortar, mastic, or other adhesives attached will not be accepted.
Office Items (Desks, Chairs, Cabinets, etc.)
Condition requirements:  All furniture must be assembled and have all parts, including doors and drawers.  Filing cabinets must be in excellent shape, unlocked, with minimal dents and rust.  Marginal styles (accepted as needed, please contact us here) – Large metal desks, particle board furniture, oversized wooden desks/credenzas, large reception desks.
What we DO NOT take: Cubicle partitions, particleboard desks, tables, furniture, office partitions
items with water damage or mold. We can’t take ANY upholstered chairs.
Plumbing and Bath Fixtures

For the health and safety of our staff and customers, we are unable to accept dirty toilets and plumbing fixtures or other items that are excessively dirty.

Condition requirements: Toilets must be empty of all water.  No cracks (even hairline) or chips.  Only complete toilets (tank, bowl, and lid) will be accepted.  We will accept toilet tank lids by themselves.
Marginal Styles (accepted as needed, please contact us here) – Any 3 gallon (non-low flow) toilet
What we DO NOT take:Toilets that have not been cleaned, items with mold on them.
Condition requirements: You may drop off steel or cast iron tubs (non claw foot, i.e. skirt tubs, soaking tubs, drop in tubs), but we will not pick them up. Jetted tubs acceptable if in working condition and jets are intact.
Marginal styles (accepted as needed, please contact us here) – Claw foot tubs without any feet.
What we DO NOT take: Whirlpool/jetted tubs, fiberglass/plastic shower/tub surrounds, used shower doors, excessively dirty, rusty or stained tubs, cracked or damaged fiberglass items. No cracks, chips or significant rust around the drain (except claw foot and antique tubs).  No items with mold on them.
Condition requirements – All sinks are accepted as needed, as this is a high volume item. please contact us here) – No cracks (even hairline), chips or significant rust around fixtures or drains.  Stainless steel sinks must be free of dents or damage.
What we DO NOT take: Concrete laundry sinks, sinks used to dispose of paint or harmful chemicals, items with mold on them.
Medicine Cabinets
Condition requirements – Complete units only. Glass shelves and mirrors must not be cracked.
What we DO NOT take: Rusty metal, water damaged particle board, items with mold on them.
Shower Doors
Condition requirements – We ONLY take NEW and UNUSED shower doors in the original unopened packaging.


Windows_@2xCondition Requirements: No rot or structural damage.  Double pane window seals must be intact (free of fogging). No cracks in glass. Single pane wood sashes must be in excellent condition. Aluminum and vinyl windows must be in excellent condition. Marginal styles (accepted as needed, please contact us here) – Steel frame with single pane glass, non-opening picture style windows, vinyl shutters, window screens or aluminum storm windows.
TEMPORARILY NOT ACCEPTING BECAUSE OF OVERSTOCK stone/granite/quartz/marble slabs, countertops, or windowsills.
What we DO NOT take: Storm door windows unless donated in the storm door; double pane vinyl sash windows; modern window sashes without frames; window treatments (curtains, drapes, valences, etc.), items with mold on them.
Condition requirements: Must be safe, useable items. Power tools, hand tools, gardening, unused painting accessories (no paint) accepted
What we DO NOT takeRechargeable battery powered tools (we do not recycle any rechargeable tool batteries), any power tool with damaged or missing parts.
Architectural Salvage
BuildingMaterials_@2xCondition requirements: We accept a large variety of antique millwork, mantels, trim, corbels, rosettes, plinths, chimney caps, tin ceiling, some antique tile, window headers, newel posts, spindles, handrail, cupolas, wainscoting, paneling, and more. Must be free of nails.
What we DO NOT take: Wood with creosote, items with water damage or mold.
We inspect all donations and reserve the right to deny items that cannot be resold or that are currently overstocked. We do not provide a disposal service and cannot afford to throw your material away. For items we cannot accept, please consider donating to another nonprofit or listing your items on Pittsburgh Freecycle. Reuse is the greenest choice you can make.