Frequently Asked Questions

Construction Junction is a donation-based material reuse retail center. Much like any thrift store, our inventory is varied and entirely unpredictable. We do regularly carry a small amount of helpful items like gloves, painting materials, and other household tools. The majority of our store is stocked through our deconstruction salvage operations or reclaimed, secondhand materials that are donated by individuals, industry professionals or businesses.

Who owns CJ?

Construction Junction is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so it’s controlled by a board of directors, and has no owner.

Where does the money go from selling all that stuff?

We’re a nonprofit and the money from purchases goes to cover the costs involved in running this place – rent, utility bills, wages, worker’s comp insurance, parking lot maintenance, equipment maintenance, providing recycling facilities to the community – all that good stuff.
Sales raise almost as much as it costs us to stay open, but there’s always a gap between the total of the bills and the revenue. The Steel City Big Pour®, our annual fundraiser, raises enough to cover that gap. We also raise money from grants from time to time to help us make improvements or to fund special projects. Reuse on any kind of scale is expensive to do.

I have stuff I want to sell. Will you buy it?

No, most items are donated to us as an environmental nonprofit. We do purchase some new retail inventory like Amazon Recycled Paint and organic gardening products for sale in the store, but we do not purchase materials from individuals.

Do I have to be a member?

Nope. This is just a retail store, come shop with us any time we’re open! We do have loyalty program for frequent shoppers to earn special rewards.

Become a loyalty member and save!

Take a few moments the next time you’re in the store to give us your contact info. You will accrue increased loyalty discount levels over the course of each calendar year.

Customer Loyalty Program text with shopper and cashier icon, green and white.

When you’ve spent:

  • $250 you will get 3% off every CJ purchase until you reach
  • $1000, when  you will get 5% off every CJ purchase until you reach
  • $5000, when you will get 10% off every CJ purchase until you reach
  • $10,000, when you will get 15% off every CJ purchase.
*rewards reset each December 31st

As an extra thanks to our most loyal shoppers, we’ll give you a little birthday bonus – 25% off when you shop with us on your birthday!
(If you happen to have a birthday that coincides with a CJ closure, we will honor your birthday discount on the day immediately before or after. This is only applicable for a day that the store is closed. Can’t be combined with any other discount. Discount not applicable to “Constructed At The Junction” items.)

Do you deliver?

No. We offer 7 days of storage for your all items from a single purchase for one $5 fee to enable customers to arrange for pick up and transportation of their items. Storage fees are non-refundable. Items not picked up from storage within 7 days are returned to the sales floor. A store credit is issued to the customer less a 10% storage and handling fee.

So can you hold something for me?

We do not offer any holds or reserves. Only purchased items can be stored here at CJ via the above sold storage policy.

If you don’t have what I’m looking for, can you let me know when you do?

Sorry, no. Due to the unpredictable nature of donated materials, it is just not feasible or us to maintain any kind request list.

Do you have other locations?

There is only one Construction Junction! But there are many building material use stores throughout the USA. You can see a list at the Build Reuse organization website.

How many people work there?

We have 33 employees; sometimes a few temporary workers often recruited from employment programs for those with barriers to employment; and a Goodwill job training program that works processing tile, flooring, and doors.

When you come to visit us:

Dress appropriately for the weather – our building is not climate controlled. Wear sturdy closed toe shoes. Be careful when using carts and watch for nails, screws or broken glass on the ground.
Use caution: watch for uneven surfaces, sharp objects, lead-based paint and varnish on vintage items, lead in vintage plumbing hardware, pinch and splinter hazards.
Supervise children at all times.
No smoking/vaping/e-cigarette use permitted anywhere in the store or on the lot.
No firearms permitted inside.

Are pets allowed in the store?

No pets are allowed. Not even in carriers! Also, please do not leave dogs or other pets in a vehicle in our parking lot, ever. We love animals and we will raise concerns if we observe them left in an unattended vehicle.

Shopping FAQ

Check out our Hours & Directions page for more info.

Our inventory changes daily

Make sure to check out the newest arrivals added each day to our featured inventory site. This is only a small portion of the wide variety of items available for sale in the store, so there is a lot more to find if you come and visit. If you see something you really like, buy it right away because we may never have another exactly like it again!!

Construction Junction offers a 10% military discount for all active duty military, retirees, veterans, military spouses and family members. A valid military ID is required.

I see something on your inventory site I want to buy!

You can use our text assist line – text 412.339.9450, M-F from 9am to 4pm (there are also handy text links found on our online inventory listings if you are browsing via a mobile device) – to make a credit card phone purchase. All phone sales incur a $5 storage fee. See above guidelines for the storage policy.

Inventory Categories

What is your return policy?

All items are sold as-is. You may return an item for store credit only within 30 days of purchase, as long as the item’s in the same condition as when you bought it. A copy of your receipt is required.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we take Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also take cash. No checks.

Do you sell straps?

Yes, we have some ratchet straps and bungee cords for sale at the register. We also have twine available for smaller loads.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we do. Minimum value $5.00. CJ gift cards are non-refundable, non-expiring. And… we can mail them to US addresses.

Can you tell me who to hire to install the item I just bought?

No, we don’t give recommendations. We think references from friends and things like Angie’s List are good resources for this kind of info.

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Donating FAQ

Visit our How To Donate page for more info on what and how to donate materials to Construction Junction.

Do you pick up materials for donation?

Yes, we have a free pickup service for eligible donations of stuff that can be sold in the store. Eligibility depends on a combination of the quality, quantity and type of items included in a donation, when the items are available for pickup, and the distance from CJ. Click here for more info. We don’t pick up air conditioners, lightbulbs or other material to be recycled.

Do I need an appointment to drop off materials for donation?

No, you may drop off acceptable material any time during our regular store hours (and only during those hours) and at the designated drop off location. We ask that you don’t come in the last 15 minutes because we need time to move items into the warehouse.

Will I get a receipt?

Yes, you will! More info on donating is here.

Can I get store credit instead of a donation receipt?

Sorry, no. We do not give credit for donations, just a receipt for tax purposes.

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Recycling FAQ

Visit our recycling services page for more info regarding recycling programs offered by Construction Junction.

For information regarding the City of Pittsburgh resident recycling drop off located in the upper lot area at CJ, please visit the DPW website.

Recycling collection services offered by CJ are currently SUSPENDED.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, we have suspended accepting items for handling by third-party recyclers.

These include:


We do not accept:

Electronics for recycling

Paint, primer, stain, polyurethane, etc.

Information about collection events for electronics, household chemicals and other hard to recycle items can be found on the Pennsylvania Resources Council website. Please visit our What We Accept page for more information regarding bringing materials to Construction Junction.

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