Our Mission

At Construction Junction our mission is to support and promote conservation through the reuse of building materials. That’s what excites us, and we’re always trying to come up with ways to do more reuse.

Running CJ means accepting donations of used and surplus materials at our large warehouse, and then selling them in our 30,000 sq. ft. store to new users. As our materials are a fraction of the cost of new, our mission has an environmental and social impact. As a nonprofit, we cover most of our operational costs with the revenues from sales and we hold an annual fundraiser, the Steel City Big Pour®, to cover the balance and to invest in improvements.

To enable us to invest in improvements to services and facilities, Construction Junction also receives grant funding from foundations, including the Heinz Endowment, the Forbes Funds, the Laurel Foundation, the Colcom Foundation, the RK Mellon Foundation, the Henry L. Hillman Foundation, and an anonymous foundation, as well as donations from private individuals.PRChead

The idea for Construction Junction was developed by the oldest grass roots environmental organization in the state, the Pennsylvania Resources Council, together with the Green Building Alliance, and Conservation Consultants.

We hope you’ll visit us, or donate – we’re the largest and coolest reuse nonprofit in the Pittsburgh region!

But don’t just read about us – watch us!

Here we are on YouTube in this excerpt from Rick Sebak’s 25 Things I Like About Pittsburgh – we are featured in #s 7 and 8 (Big Pour and Construction Junction).

Click here to see the section on the Big Pour.  Click here to get to WQED to buy the whole DVD! (It’s worth it, there’s loads of cool stuff about the ‘burgh in it!)

It doesn’t end there – check out all the great things our customers have done with their CJ purchases, and take a look at our community partnerships and projects.