Other Recycling Resources

The best place to look

PA Resources Council/Zero Waste Pittsburgh.

Reuse is the greenest choice you can make

so if an item is reusable but you don’t see anyone listed who can take it, please try to find a new user first.

A brief guide to some reuse and recyling resources, A-Z by type of material:

Appliances – see here.

Art/CraftPittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

Batteries Call2Recycle, Recharging the Planet. Recycling your batteries and Batteries Plus

Bikes, child and adult –

Books – first of all please consider whether a nonprofit social service organization, such as an afterschool program or homeless shelter could use your books. If they’re not usable, see here.

Carpet – try Steinberger Floors Call 412.276.2076 or visit their website.

Clothes and shoes – there may be many, but here are a couple we know of H&M, Nike

Construction and demolition waste, and more Penn Waste Systems 412-771-1000

Penn Waste Systems locations welcome contractors, builders, roofers, hauling companies and the general public. Your construction debris will be sorted and loaded in their facility for recycling or disposal at a landfill. They are LEED Certified and can supply monthly reports for LEED projects. Any questions about pricing or materials they do and do not accept please contact Matt at (412) 771-1000.

We use their services at CJ, and they divert an impressive 77% of our internal waste from landfill: cement, wood, metal, drywall, glass, brick, shingles, stone, large household appliances, HVAC material, plumbing fixtures, tires, all other construction material

Corrugated cardboard – see here.

E-Waste – Click here for info from Pennsylvania Resources Council. Click here for info on permanent collection programs from the PA Dept of Environmental Protection. Click here or call 1-800-449-7587 for Waste Management’s At Your Door Program, to find out if your municipality participates and to schedule a pickup of e-waste.

 Jurassic Junk Removal 1-877-595-JUNK (5865)

Fish tanks Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center

Light bulbs – see here.

Packing peanutsPlastic Loose Fill Council

Paint leftovers – ideas for you to use it up creatively here. (We DON’T accept paint. Ever. Not even if it’s new unopened!)

Paper, white office paper, paper generally – see here.

Pet Stuff – things in usable condition, like fish tanks, carriers, cages etc – Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center

Pianos Beethoven Foundation, Collectible With Cause

Plastics – see here.

Polystyrene – Appliance Warehouse, 523 Bingham Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15203, 412-381-8800 or at a PRC “hard-to-recycle” collection events held throughout the year.

Scrap metal – see here.

Shingles Penn Waste Systems 412-771-1000

Shoes and Clothes Nike  H&M

Styrofoam – Appliance Warehouse, 523 Bingham Street, Pittsburgh, PA  15203, 412-381-8800 or at a PRC “hard-to-recycle” collection events held throughout the year.

TVsJVS Environmental, Evolution E-Cycle, PA Department of Environmental Protection lists other resources here.

Video cassettes – check the Allegheny County Recycling Together directory.