Expanding Our Selection Of Used Appliances!

Blog | Posted on: May 24, 2019

Greetings Reuse Fans,

Over the years, CJ has established a number of important partnerships with nonprofits and for profits that help us to help you to reuse and recycle. CJ is piloting an expansion of our partnership with Appliance Warehouse (AW) to include the sale of reconditioned used, and scratch and dent appliances. We receive a limited number of appliances by donation, and we are working specifically with AW to bring in more washers, dryers and refrigerators for our shoppers. We don’t have the capacity to recondition used appliances, so this is a valuable service for our reuse shoppers. CJ will receive a percentage of the sale of each AW appliance to support our mission! 

For over a decade, CJ has partnered with Appliance Warehouse to recycle your old appliances and extract the Freon for reuse. Freon is a trade name that describes a number chemical refrigerants contained in your refrigerator, dehumidifier, freezer and air conditioners. Because of the harmful effects to the ozone layer, it is illegal to release Freon gas into the atmosphere. 

Between 2016 and 2018, CJ sent 2,560 appliances to Appliance Warehouse (AW) for Freon extraction and recycling of the metal and the polystyrene in the appliances listed above. You can drop off your old appliances at CJ for a $10.00 fee.  You can drop off your appliances for free at Appliance Warehouse’s South Side location. They will also accept your polystyrene for recycling (remember this does not include any food containers or to-go clamshell containers). Food contaminates the material making it unmarketable to recycle.

We are starting with a small number of appliances from AW. Stop by CJ, check it out and let us know what you think.  CJ will still sell the appliances we pick up for donation. AW appliances are displayed in the area where our hardware tables are located, make a right at the end of Aisle 1. Check out our current inventory of refurbished or scratch and dent items here.

Thanks for supporting reuse!

Mike Gable

Executive Director