Take Action: Tell the EPA to Support Reuse

Blog | Posted on: March 5, 2021
Interior of a barn deconstruction project. You can see the open framing and joists still standing with a step ladder in the background.

Greetings Reuse Fans,

Projects from the Pandemic Reuse Renovation Contest white text logo in front of wood and black background.

Reuse always looks better in the sunshine! Today I would like to thank everyone who has submitted their pandemic reuse projects. You folks were busy! This weekend will be the final weekend to send in your projects. As I am certain most of you have heard the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show has been rescheduled for the fall. Our original intention had been to display winning projects at the Home Show, but as we all have experienced it is difficult to plan in these times. So in the spirit of pivoting, we will be setting up a March Madness Style bracket for our social media followers to choose your favorite project. We will be featuring the winning projects during Earth month festivities with more details to come!

This weekend, you have an another very important homework assignment. We are asking you to take action to support reuse (besides shopping at Construction Junction). CJ is encouraging all reuse fans to take five minutes this weekend and send an email to the EPA to tell the agency to include reuse in their recycling methodology and to up their tracking and data analysis of C&D waste.

U.S. EPA is accepting public comments on the national recycling measurement methodology related to sources of recyclable materials, materials streams (C&D, textiles, electronics, etc.), material destinations, and materials pathways, including: reuse, repair and refurbishment, donation, recycling, composting, animal feed, anaerobic digestion, landfill cover, pyrolysis, solvolysis, gasification, combustion, and more.

The email can be as simple as:

“I live in Pittsburgh (or your city) and I strongly support adding reuse as a recycling measurement methodology, as well as increasing measurement and tracking for construction and demolition waste.” 

Submissions are due by March 8th (11:59 EST).

You are welcome to submit longer commentary on increasing grant funding for deconstruction training and programs; requiring deconstruction and reuse instead of demolition in floodplain buyout programs, etc. 

As background, you can take a look at the EPA’s current annual measurement reports and methodology. The current national recycling rate measurement includes Municipal Solid Waste (excluding C&D) recycling and composting (excluding reuse) and classifies incineration and landfilling as disposal.

Help us make reuse count!

Mike Gable

Executive Director