Salvaged Gothic Revival Pieces From Our Deconstruction Crew

Inventory | Posted on: May 24, 2019

Updated 2.24.20

Construction Junction’s Deconstruction operation has been busy in 2019, and the impact for our organization, our mission, and the circular economy cannot be understated!

One of our larger jobs has brought in some really stunning gothic revival style materials now featured in the store. While many preservationists will undoubtedly shed a tear, the story is one altogether too familiar to us. A building that was subject to too many years of neglect had fallen into disrepair. While unable to be saved as a whole, we were fortunate to be granted access to assist in the deconstruction of this early 1900s structure. At Construction Junction, our hope is that we can continue to play a vital role in historical preservation through architectural salvage.

One of the largest elements of this project was the deconstruction of this huge room partition. Featuring a large arched header with intricate woodwork and leaded glass, our deconstruction crew was able to remove the structure in sections. Each arch-top window was removed, as well as the wood paneling and wooden roll-up doors. The header section had to be carefully cut and removed in 3 pieces.

Make sure to browse through many more highlighted items on our featured inventory page. If there’s something else you need that you don’t see on the website, remember that there is a whole lot more to find in the store. Thanks to the work of our staff along with the generosity and mindfulness of our amazing donors, new materials arrive daily!

Click any of the images below for inventory listings or view more of these items currently available here and here. Many of the items shown above have already sold.

Whether working on large commercial projects, historically significant buildings, or to bring in materials for our Constructed At The Junction creations and many of the staples of our store inventory, having a green salvage operation is a key aspect for our ability to promote conservation and reuse here in Pittsburgh and around the country. We’re busy pursuing partnerships and potential projects that will help to broaden our impact!