Salvaged Wood Side Table

Inspiring Reuse, Interior | Posted on: May 5, 2016
by Karl



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Salvaged Wood Side Table

Salvaged Wood Side Table

As an amateur woodworker I had to research A LOT on the best methods to construct the table because I wanted to build something that would last and was also made completely from recycled materials. Every scrap of wood in this table and the majority of the tools used to construct it were found at Construction Junction.


  • Solid core door
  • Various pieces of recycled lumber (cherry, walnut, oak, wormy chestnut)
  • Quarter-sawn oak strip flooring
  • Drawer found at CJ
  • Stain & polyurethane

The table top was made from a solid core door removed from a hospital, ripped into strips and turned sideways. I then glued the pieces together and constructed a router sled to flatten the top. To attach the legs, I created a lap joint using a Japanese saw to support the trim. I then drilled screws from each side and covered them using walnut pins. The top surrounding trim is cherry wood. At the bottom of the legs I made a mortise and tenon joint to support the bottom shelf and drove an oak pin from the side to hold the tenon. The runners of the shelf are oak and the actual shelf is quarter sawn oak flooring strips.The drawer was found by itself at construction junction and I built the runners to hold it using wormy chestnut. I finished the table with a “Natural” colored stain and then sealed it with polyurethane.