Rolling Cart

Inspiring Reuse, Kitchen | Posted on: May 5, 2016
by J & J

Old Need fix top


new side

new chrome

We love to take old Cosco carts, shine them up and spray paint them in bold, vintage colors.


  • Cosco vintage metal cart
  • Steel wool (00 or 000)
  • Sand paper (100 or 150 grit)
  • New Screws and bolts
  • Rustoleum spray paint – Primer (2 cans) and Top coat (3 cans) – Any bright color will do

An easy project anyone can do.  Here’s how:

Disassemble the cart. Clean everything with Clorox wipes. Use steel wool on the chrome legs. Type 00 or 000 works the best. It’s amazing how steel wool can shine chrome. Sand each of the cart trays, top bottom and sides.  Remove the dust with soap and water. Let dry. Spray paint the cart trays with a Rustoleum rust inhibitor for a primer coat. Spray paint the cart trays with your favorite Rustoleum color. On our CJ cart we used “Gloss Light Turquoise.”  It matched our Kitchen-Aide mixer. Scrub the wheels clean. The steel wool works here, too. Re-assemble the cart using new chrome screws and bolts. The original hardware was too rusty for the newly painted surface.