Mason Jar Chandelier

Inspiring Reuse, Interior | Posted on: April 12, 2016
by Tim Salinetro


BeforeAfter Image


On a scale of 1-10, I guess I would rate this as a 5-6 based on the following…Knowledge of safe operation of power tools, general electrical knowledge to test light fixture and ability to measure and fabricate wood pieces accurately.

Materials and Tools:

  • Light fixture (purchased from CJ)
  • Pallet wood (salvaged from CJ)
  • Chain (purchased from CJ)
  • Quart mason jars
  • Hardware (screws, nut, bolts, etc.)
  • Power drill
  • Auger bits
  • Circular saw and/or jigsaw
  • Measuring tape and combo/speed square
  • Wood glue


Test light fixture to make sure each socket works! Using pallet wood, create frame for the fixture to sit in. Trace light sockets onto frame and, using auger bit, cut out holes in the frame. Fit light fixture into frame. Attach chain to the top of the frame. Using an auger bit that is closest in size to the size of the light sockets, punch holes in the lids of the mason jars. Push lids of mason jars around the sockets and secure them to frame with screws. Add light bulbs and screw in the jars.