Pre-Big Pour Warmup at Couch Brewery

Blog | Posted on: September 13, 2019

Greetings Reuse Fans,

This will be year 13 of the Steel City Big Pour. In 2007, we linked ourselves to Pittsburgh’s craft beer scene before it was a scene.  Most nonprofits have fundraisers because we all need diversified sources of revenue to grow our programing and cover operating costs. We could not have chosen a better industry than craft beer in Pittsburgh to build our annual fundraiser around. Pittsburgh’s craft breweries and distributors have been incredibly supportive of CJ and we have done our best to repay their generosity though promoting them on our web site, social media and the Big Pour APP. The Big Pour page is the second most visited page on our web site! We’ve even gained shoppers and donors through the relationship, as many breweries, restaurants and coffee shops have utilized CJ for materials need for their renovations.

The continued generosity of the local craft beer industry will be on display again tonight when the owners of Couch Brewery will be debuting a new beer at their brewery on Washington Blvd. and donating a portion of every beer purchased this evening to support Construction Junction’s mission of promoting building material reuse. 

We also want to remind everyone that you can still show your support of nonprofit reuse by attending the Big Pour – tickets are still available for purchase! The event is on September 28th. It is important to us, because our building material sales cover only about 82% of the total expenses of running CJ. The Big Pour, together with foundation grants, help us cover the gap. The services we provide for customers and donors, our training programs, operating this 100,000 square foot facility, and employing approximately 32 people would not be possible, and our delivery on our mission would not be as impactful, without a successful Big Pour. Yes, we are aware there are many beer tasting events you can choose to attend. And that’s good because it indicates strong support for craft beer in Pittsburgh! But when you choose the Big Pour, you know it’s because it supports craft beer, local restaurants and, most importantly, because you value reuse and the community work that CJ has been engaged in for 20 years! 

Thanks in advance to the breweries, local restaurants, our sponsors and vendors who have helped us get to lucky #13. Oh and our thanks to the over 30,000 attendees who have purchased tickets since Big Pour #1

Hoping to see you at Couch, and at Big Pour 13!

Mike Gable

Executive Director