Official Retailer for PRC Recycled Paper Co-Op

Blog, Inventory | Posted on: July 17, 2020

Greetings Reuse Fans,

Although I should say recycling fans! Beginning today, our customers can purchase individual reams of 100% recycled content office paper from our retail floor. CJ is proud to announce we have become a member the Pennsylvania Resources Council’s (PRC) newest initiative, a 100% recycled paper cooperative! As most readers know, PRC launched CJ in 1999 and we have been working to reduce waste ever since. We held PRC’s first Hard to Recycle events, as well as the early collection events that would became the Household Hazardous Waste collections that PRC organizes every year. We have hosted PRC compost and rain barrel classes in our Community Room (when those classes could be conducted in person) and now, as a member of the PRC Recycled Paper CO-OP, we can offer individuals a ream of recycled paper at a 30% savings over office supply retail prices! That’s $9 per ream, recycle fans. But it gets better, the paper is also produced locally at American Eagle Paper Mill in Tyrone PA. 

If you wish to procure larger quantities for your office (if anyone is actually going to an office these days) you can contact the PRC Paper CO-OP directly for larger quantities and bulk savings. If you need smaller quantities for your home office come to CJ! We also have file cabinets, desks, office chairs and other reused items to go with your recycled paper and will look great as the background to your ZOOM meetings! 

It takes zero trees to make 100% recycled paper! It takes 33% less energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 37% for every ton of 100% recycled paper produced. You also support the work of PRC and CJ when you purchase. So make the switch to 100% recycled and save!

Thank you for supporting reuse and recycling,

Mike Gable 

Executive Director