Pittsburgh Nonprofits Share The REuse

Blog, Constructed At The Junction | Posted on: May 3, 2019
Images courtesy of the Urban Design Build Studio & New Sun Rising

Greeting Reuse Fans,

A few weeks ago, I shared our latest Constructed At The Junction creations, made by our Project RE_ carpenter, Tony. Project RE_ is a partnership between CJ and the Urban Design Build Studio (UDBS) in the School of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University, and also works with the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh (TIP) welding program. Project RE_ has done work with a number of nonprofits over the years. The most recent project to receive a delivery was the New Sun Rising (NSR) community center in the repurposed Millvale Moose Lodge. 

The UDBS director, John Folan, and UDBS fellow Garett Rauck designed a series of mobile food carts to serve the needs of two NSR community partners, 412 Food Rescue and Big Pour 12 food vendor Sprezzatura Catering, who will both be operating innovative programing and a café in the Moose’s community kitchen. The food carts were first prototyped for use in the Susquehanna Street building where TIP is located, and the design was replicated and expanded upon for re-use in the Moose (couldn’t resist that one). 

The carts are constructed with wood from 25 deconstructed dorm wardrobes, salvaged Danby white marble (we still have this material for sale if you want some!), 2 reused steel filing cabinets, scrap mahogany, and some reclaimed steel Allen keys for the coat hooks. TIP welded the metal components of the carts. While this project has an impressive amount of CJ materials, the UDBS design is the real show stopper! To keep track of the development of the Moose and this project, check out New Sun Rising (NSR) website.

Reuse is better!

Mike Gable

Executive Director