What’s the Opposite of a Barn Raising? Deconstructing of Course!

Blog | Posted on: August 23, 2019

Greetings Reuse Fans,

I am pleased to follow up on my blog post from a few weeks ago to let you know that our deconstruction crew disassembled a 32’ X 36’ barn for the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden (PBG). The approximately four year old structure was responsibly removed to make way for the PBG’s new visitor’s center.  We applaud the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden’s staff and their contractor, PJ Dick, for working with us to create the extra time it takes to deconstruct. 

This was an extra challenge for our staff, as we usually salvage and deconstruct the parts of a building, but not with the intention for a building to be put back together. This requires an extra step in the deconstruction process that is not common, figuring out how we would take this thing apart so that it goes back together!

Ironically, the structure is now in two dumpsters in our parking lot. But rather than being headed for the landfill, they are ready to be delivered to a potential new home. We are still working on the full pricing package including delivery by dumpster. We were not able to save the roof decking, one truss and a very small amount of the T1-11 siding. The structure had no floor/foundation. We will have a specific inventory of what you will need to purchase to complete the building.

We were glad to once again have assistance on this big job from the South Hilltop Men’s Group as part of our job training efforts to work with organizations making a difference in their communities.

If you are interested leave your name and number with our retail team and we will contact you with our pricing options by August 30th.

And don’t forget to contact us with your deconstruction project!

Mike Gable

Executive Director