Our Partnership With Off The Floor Pittsburgh

Blog | Posted on: June 7, 2019
Off The Floor Pittsburgh

In our 20th year, we continue to benefit from partnerships we’ve built over the years. CJ is taking a partnership to another level with another nonprofit whose mission is supported by reuse, Off the Floor Pittsburgh. Off the Floor is an organization that donates gently used furniture to families in need. Since they began, we have referred people who call CJ and want to donate upholstered furniture, bed frames and mattresses, to Off the Floor. We don’t accept donations of upholstered furniture (except in pre-screened commercial settings where the items are relatively new), and we absolutely don’t accept mattresses. But you can call and discuss possibly donating these items to Off the Floor, who have pickup and drop off capabilities. They work with human services agencies who refer families to the organization, so the recipients of the furniture have met a needs test. Off the Floor volunteers then deliver the donated furniture to the families needing help.

Off the Floor sometimes receives generous donations of items that it cannot donate to their clients, and of course they have a need for funding to support their operating expenses. Our newest shared project is to sell the items that cannot be donated to Off the Floor clients at CJ, and each nonprofit will receive 50% of the proceeds. CJ can form these partnerships because we have a large warehouse, retail space, and our team of retail staff – something Off the Floor cannot support. 

So look out for our Off the Floor items and support the organizations that make reuse happen in our region. Also, contact Off the Floor and find out all the ways you can help them with donations and volunteering!

Reuse builds and sustains communities!

Mike Gable

Executive Director