Lending A Hand To Curb Entertainment Industry Waste

Blog | Posted on: September 20, 2019

Our Steel City Big Pour fundraiser is coming up here at Construction Junction on September 28th. Not only is our annual event a chance to have a great time with craft beer, food, and art, the funds raised help CJ have a robust and impactful presence in our region. One of the benefits of your support is our CJ ReGives program. Recently, we successfully worked with our friends at Bricolage to supply nearly all of the stage set for their latest immersive theater production called Project Amelia

However, there is a bit more back story to this donation than Jeffrey Carpenter (Artistic Director and Founder of Bricolage) and his crew coming to CJ to select chairs, tables, file cabinets etc. Early this summer, CJ’s donation manager received a call from the Green Spark Group to ask if we had any interest in coming to New York to pick up a set from an HBO series. The set is/was an exact replica of a Congressional hearing room complete with walls, risers, and windows–the works. While this was great material, we were not in a position to drive to New York and pick it up. We did send the set photos to Bricolage, Quantum, and Attack Theater to determine if this material might be a great fit for an upcoming production. The fit was eerily perfect for Bricolage’s Project Amelia, which runs from Sept. 20 – Nov. 3. It’s deeply satisfying when a plan comes together!

The Green Spark Group’s mission is to help the motion picture industry consistently integrate sustainable practices on their shows and in their operation – this includes a commitment to the reuse of set materials. We are proud to help facilitate this work. See the results – buy a ticket to Project Amelia

Help us support reuse like this and have a great time on 9/28 at the Big Pour!

Mike Gable

Executive Director