How Can You Get Rid Of Old Paint?

Blog | Posted on: June 20, 2016

NoPaintThis is a very frequently asked question here at CJ. The topic recently came up while our Community Outreach Coordinator, Terry Wiles, was being interviewed at ReuseFest. A representative from PRC stated that they will accept paint at their hard to recycle events, for a fee. This was accidentally attributed to Terry and thus made it appear that Construction Junction accepts used paint. PRCWe do not. Sorry for any confusion on this matter. Once again, thanks to the Pennsylvania Resources Council for putting on a really great event and thanks to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Diana Nelson-Jones for providing some wonderful coverage of the event in order to raise the awareness of recycling and reuse organizations in Western Pennsylvania.

You can check PRC’s page for more info on how and where to recycle paint, household chemicals, electronics, and other hard to recycle items here.

You can head to our What We Accept page to take a look at items that we take for donation here. Thanks everyone for supporting recycling and reuse! We can’t do it without such a supportive community.