Commercial Business owners can make tax-deductible donations

Do you have a building material retail business with excess inventory clogging up your warehouse space?

Do you have building tenants that are facing a deadline to vacate a building that is full of usable building materials, shelving, racking, or furnishings?

Do you have new tenants faced with the task of getting rid of usable building materials, old inventory, or fixtures left behind by a previous tenant?

Are you doing any interior demolition of doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, wood work, cabinets and more to accommodate the needs of your new tenant?

Call us, we can help!


  • Call (412) 243-5025 ext. 11 to speak with Ben, our donations department. Regular office hours are M-F, 7a-3:30p
  • As a result of your request, we will determine if you have enough material to provide a free pick up or we may request you bring your item to us.
  • We usually schedule one to two weeks out, however we will make every effort to pick up your item within the week that you call. Large amounts of material and full kitchen sets receive scheduling priority.
  • All items for donation must be properly staged and accessible for our pickup crew prior to arrival. The donations manager will discuss acceptable locations for your materials upon scheduling your pickup.
  • Remember we reserve the right to refuse any material that does not meet our quality standards –please look at our acceptance policies.