COVID-19: We Appreciate Your Support

Blog | Posted on: April 11, 2020

Running a nonprofit organization like ours takes a lot of helping hands. A greater community of support means everything to us. The lion’s share of that support comes through your material donations and purchases from CJ. We are proud to be a driver of large-scale change by reducing waste and providing a resource that enables our area to benefit from a circular economy, one that works for everyone.

During a typical year, our sales revenue accounts for about 82% of our operating costs. However, the current state of hardship thrust upon us all by the global coronavirus pandemic is anything but typical. With the stay at home order and social distancing guidelines in place, that percentage continues to dwindle.

We know that many individuals and businesses in our community are struggling mightily. Construction Junction has been forced to temporarily lay off 2/3 of our workforce, just a small share of the overwhelming unemployment in Pennsylvania and across the country. Our incoming donations stream has been shut off and our daily sales have fallen by over 80%.

We truly appreciate each and every purchase made and are proud that we can provide much needed materials during this time. The fact that many individuals continue to prioritize reuse is a testament to the importance of our mission. If you are in need of materials right now for repairs, renovations, or projects of any kind, please get in touch with us for phone sales and zero-interaction curbside pickups of purchases. Our staff will do the best we can to help you out while our store itself remains unavailable to the public. Make sure to check our inventory website as we add new listings.

Should you feel inclined to support us right now but do not currently have a need to shop for, or more importantly want to keep your trips out of the house to a minimum, we would be happy to sell you a gift card and mail it out so that you have it for later. You can also make a financial donation via Paypal. These extra contributions can make a real difference for us while we all continue to stay safe.

We look forward to seeing you all here again!

The CJ Team