COVID-19: Adapting To Changes

Blog, Inventory | Posted on: April 17, 2020
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Greetings Reuse Fans,

My continued message to all of you is a deep thanks for supporting us. 

While we believe in the social distancing measures that are working to keep us all safe and our hospital systems from being overwhelmed, we are sadly continuing with our third round of temporary layoffs of our staff. We are down to 5 full time employees and must evaluate on a daily basis if we need to go lower. As an organization, we pushed ourselves to keep as many of our staff employed as possible with the hope that we would get some much needed support from the Payroll Protection Program. As of this time, we don’t really know when or even if that support is coming or the dollar amount we might receive. Consequently, we have to continue to reduce expenses. We know we are not alone in making these very difficult decisions. 

As a result of reducing our staff, we are going to be experimenting with moving to a Monday – Friday schedule for phone sales and curbside pickup. Surprisingly, we have been experiencing less phone traffic on the weekends. So, with apologies, after 5pm Friday we will not be on site to answer the phone or scheduling any safe pickups again until Monday. You can leave us a message and we will get back to you first thing Monday morning. If you are calling about a specific item, please reference the item in your message. If, based on customer call volume, it is a better use of our time to be taking calls and arranging pickups on Saturday we will adjust our schedule. Stay tuned and keep following us on social media and our website for news – we are still busy putting new stuff on the inventory site throughout the week. 

Latest Inventory from 4.17.20
Variety of Tile Available
New Items on the Inventory Website this week - 4.13.20
Tools And Hardware

Finally, we so grateful to continue to receive financial donations. Not only do your contributions help to cover our expenses, but you also send an important message to our crew that you value CJ’s mission and our work in the community. We truly appreciate the support.

Stay safe and keep supporting those front line workers! 

Mike Gable

Executive Director