A Pair Of Great Events That Support Environmental Nonprofits

Blog | Posted on: May 17, 2019

We hear your concerns every day in the work we do. You want to reduce, reuse and recycle. You want a cleaner, healthier city. You encounter waste everyday and you want an alternative. 

On Saturday, June the 1st you have an opportunity to support the Pennsylvania Resources Council’s (PRC) recycling efforts and Allegheny Cleanways work to clean up illegal dumpsites by attending the Wild and Scenic Film Festival at the beautiful Pittsburgh Playhouse. Attending this event will also give you the opportunity to support reuse by purchasing tickets to the 13th annual Steel City Big Pour before tickets go on sale to the general public! Don’t miss out on a great evening of inspiring environmental films and a chance to support three nonprofits that each tackle the challenges of cleaning up and reducing waste!

2019 Wild And Scenic Film Festival Pittsburgh

Construction Junction was stewarded into existence 20 years ago by the Pennsylvania Resources Council. CJ and PRC have remained steadfast partners in the cause of recycling and reuse for every one of those years. It was a grant, by PRC’s former Western Regional Director, Dave Mazza, that established the recycling drop off run by the City of Pittsburgh in CJ’s parking lot. PRC and CJ worked together to launch PRC’s Hard to Recycle events that are now in multiple municipalities from April to October. The first hard to recycle event was held in CJ’s parking lot. PRC has developed a number of collection events for residents to drop off their household hazardous waste, pharmaceuticals, electronics and now glass. Check out the complete list of collection events here.

We all need your support. Come watch some films with us!

Mike Gable

Executive Director