The 20 Coolest Things We Found Today: 5.3.19

Inventory | Posted on: May 3, 2019

Our weekly collection of featured finds that we share with you each Friday sometimes comes together in varying ways. We do our best to make sure that each hand selected bunch of items is always some of the newest to arrive at CJ, but is also a nice variety that will hopefully capture the attention of our wide audience of dedicated reuse shoppers. This week might be a little different, but sometimes you end up with some stuff that is just too undeniably cool to not be included. If you’re a fan of rustic, early American style antiques, then you have certainly come to the right place.

A note to anyone new to the 20 Coolest feature as well as many long-time followers:

While we do our best to include many of the everyday offerings available in our store, this weekly collection is designed to showcase the “wow-factor” items that we have received. It is not a run-of-the-mill collection of what you can typically find on a daily shopping trip to CJ, because what fun would that be? Many times, our limited ability to feature inventory online is skewed toward one-off, unique, niche items that are particularly desirable and in turn command a higher value. A cursory skimming of these weekly posts and featured inventory can make it seem like we are much more of an antique shop than is actually the case. One point we do want to convey, in particular, is that the value of these items we are so fortunate to have donated to us, often only made possible by the work of our deconstruction and pickup crews, is a real asset to making the large-scale reuse goals we strive to achieve possible. For every 20 items we feature here, our inventory includes thousands of low cost necessities like sinks, toilets, doors, windows, hardware and lumber that are the meat and potatoes of our retail business. (And we are working to improve the way we feature items, as well as being able to show a bigger portion of inventory online.) The simple truth is that reuse, like anything, costs money. Our retail operation only covers about 90% of our operating costs on a yearly basis, much of which goes directly to providing the jobs to make this big machine go. We have all learned not to make quick judgements based on what we see on the internet, and we hope that if you haven’t previously, you’ll stop out for a visit and get the full picture of what Construction Junction has to offer!