The 20 Coolest Things We Found Today: 4.12.19

Inventory | Posted on: April 11, 2019

What you have here, friends, is a collection of 20 things we picked out of all the seemingly random and wide-ranging variety of items that make up the CJ store each week.

“But why can’t you show us more?” you ask. “Why can’t I see everything you have in the store on your website?” …because then we wouldn’t get to see your smiling faces. And what else is this really all about? You can check out more of our past featured items as well as other current inventory highlights over on our Featured Inventory page.

So why don’t you stop by and visit? We have a food cart + produce market this weekend, as well as one of our favorite pop-up vendors, plus a free organic gardening class. Take an internet break and come see us!